2020 Health & Wellness Trends

As a health and wellness agency, vivacity aims to stay on top of the latest health and wellness trends. What better time to start a new health regime than the beginning of a new decade? Here are some of the current 2020 health trends explained.

1. Restorative biohacking
With its techy title, you would be forgiven for thinking this latest fitness trend is reserved for the geek chic. However, you don’t need to be a digital virtuoso to be on-trend with this fitness technique. Biohacking takes a holistic approach to staying healthy, focusing on optimising the mind and body by influencing multiple biological systems. This can range from simple changes, such as monitoring and regulating health with wearable technology, to drastic measures such as implant technology and genetic engineering. Restorative biohackers argue that the recovery phase of exercise is an important and often ignored stage of fitness. This year, be ready to read about the best post-workout stretches and foods to help you wind down and be an altogether better you.

2. AI consultants and virtual wellness
Get ready to explore life in cyberspace as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality permeates into the wellness industry. Enjoy your regular weekly treatments but with a difference: with the aid of virtual reality you can being a peaceful African savannah, the Amazon rainforest, or wherever your favourite oasis of serenity may be. AI is also transforming the wellness industry with tailored treatment plans using individualised data including geographic, genetic, and microbiome details. This shift to AI is set to switch on this year and you can expect next-generation technology to enhance your wellness experience as the decade progresses.

3. Air quality
If you watched London’s 2020 New Year’s Eve firework display, then you may have noticed the dark plumes of smoke that covered the London Eye and was trending on Twitter. But it’s not just outdoor air pollution you need to be worried about this decade. Wellness experts predict a rise in concern for indoor air quality too. Expect a boom in air cleansing products, and air quality meters. Clinics, gyms, and wellness centres are likely to boast of their high-quality air to entice new customers to breathe easily.

4. At-home workouts
If ‘getting fitter’ has been at the top of your new year’s resolution list for years but you have struggled to get to the gym, then you are not alone. This year, however, getting fitter may be an achievable goal as fitness classes streamed into your home can turn it into your very own studio. Enjoy all the benefits of a professional-led class from the convenience of your living room. Be it cardio, resistance training, or tighten-and-tone workouts, there are classes for everyone.

5. Plant-based ‘meats’
Whether you are trying to make Veganuary stick or are simply a carbon-conscious consumer, this year you will be spoilt for choice. Supermarket shelves are brimming with plant-based alternatives to meat and meats enriched with plant-based protein. Many meats contain cholesterol and saturated fats which, when eaten in excess, may contribute to poor heart health and other conditions. However, this year you can still enjoy your favourite meaty foods without the potential health risks. The ‘impossible burger’ – a meat-free burger that ‘bleeds’ when you cut into it, and other low-emission, meat-free foods that simulate the experience of eating meat are now readily available in supermarkets and restaurants. We suspect this trend is here to stay.

6. Sleep management
There’s nothing new about the importance of good quality sleep. This year, a growing number of apps that focus on breathing, mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, and sleep tracking are available. It seems poor-quality sleep will remain a pertinent issue in 2020 with plenty of lifestyle advice to ensure you’re getting a good night’s rest. Sleep health is continuously being studied, so keep an eye open for new tips and tricks to help you get the good night’s sleep you deserve.

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