Dementia Action Week May 17th – 23rd

May 17th – 23rd is Dementia Action Week, an initiative run by the Alzheimer’s Society to take action towards improving the lives of people affected by dementia.

Dementia describes a set of symptoms including memory loss and difficulties with other cognitive functions such as problem solving and language.1 Dementia affects as many as 850,000 people in the UK and this number is growing as the average age of the population increases.1,2 Along with its impact on the individual affected by the condition, dementia also has a profound effect on their loved ones and carers.

As it stands, people living with dementia and their families are struggling to receive the support and care that they need. This issue has been further amplified by the coronavirus pandemic and has left the dementia community feeling neglected and underserved. In response, the Alzheimer’s Society is looking to #CureTheSystem through petitioning to the UK government for policy reform.

To learn more about Dementia Action Week and the #CureTheSystem campaign, please visit


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