E-detailing in the new normal

In the past weeks we have observed a steep uptake of telemedicine and digital health systems that allow healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients to access information at a time and place suited to them. HCPs also increasingly use digital channels and content for discussion, research, and collaboration.1 With this, their expectations of relevant and personalised pharma-HCP communications, delivered through the appropriate channels have risen too.

Now is the time for pharmaceutical companies to deploy customised digital communication tools that show empathy with the new lifestyle we’ve all been adopting. The creative work of marketing and medical affairs needs to reflect and acknowledge the cultural change that has taken place in order to resonate with their audience, such as avoiding certain lifestyle imagery (e.g. based on social gatherings), and ensuring that key data and complex messaging is presented in a visually appealing and quickly digestible way.

Now is the time to evaluate and future-proof current marketing and medical affairs assets. Do your e-details allow remote presentations in an interesting and interactive way? Is tracking of how each individual customer interacts and responds built into your e-details so you can provide the customised future content that is expected? Have you carried out an audit of the most suitable comms channel for each of your customers?

At vivacity advertising we work in partnership with our clients to develop remote detailing assets based on customer insights that effectively communicate core messages and data, using our expertise and experience of strategic communications. We have a strategic process in place that helps our clients meet the demand for more sophisticated e-detailing in this digital world.

If you would like to learn more about our skills and capabilities in e-detail development, from planning and creative execution to build and launch, please get in touch.

Nuria Okfen-Keating
Account Director



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