Guiding HCP Decision Making With Digital Algorithms


Patient-centricity and the need to understand each and every individual patient’s situational needs and prescribing requirements is at the heart of all healthcare.

However, in a rapidly changing environment of evolving treatments, disease understanding, and patient needs, arriving at the most appropriate treatment choice can sometimes be challenging and time-consuming for healthcare professionals.

And this is where practical, objective, patient-focused digital algorithms can play a role.

Algorithms are visual roadmaps that healthcare professionals use to guide their decision making when planning and evaluating care. They can aid both the assessment and management of a clinical problem within the patient’s individual situation and narrow down the potential options for intervention.

Algorithms work by posing a number of specific questions, the answers to which can form a basis for treatment guidance.

Depending on the answers given by a patient or the input by their clinician, the outcome of an algorithm covers a range of possible guidance from “Maintain current prescribing” or “Check concordance” to “Consider prescribing xxx (brand name or International Non-proprietary Name [INN])”

Digital algorithms can be applied to a broad range of therapy areas and are flexible enough to cover brand and non-brand, or educational scenarios including:

  • Promotion and best-practice prescribing of a client’s brand
  • Promotion and best-practice prescribing of the appropriate brand within a brand portfolio
  • Guidance on disease identification through symptom checking
  • Education on clinical guidelines within a therapy area

At vivacity we use a structured four-step process to create informative, visually striking, and compelling digital algorithms. This includes an in-depth review of current clinical guidelines and best practice, which allows us to develop a “clinical guidance decision tree”. This decision tree is reviewed and approved by a multi-disciplinary client team, then designed by vivacity within current brand guidelines and finally coded and built.

The digital algorithms we have developed so far include those for:

  • Women’s Health and HRT guidance
  • Allergy and Allergic Rhinitis guidance
  • CNS and epilepsy treatment formulation guidance, especially for paediatric patients and those with learning disabilities

Our digital algorithms are developed for online use and optimised across all devices, meaning they can be downloaded to work on iPad detail aids, websites, and mobile phones. Just as importantly, they are also designed to work as offline webapps in any setting, without the need for an online connection.

From the feedback we have received from our client teams, the use of these digital algorithms has proven to be very successful in enhancing brand, healthcare professional and patient discussions and interactions – therefore delivering real patient-centric value.