Let us create your bespoke online conference

The virtual meeting scenario is becoming more familiar with every passing day in the COVID-19 era, but how can you elevate your online meeting from the everyday Teams or Zoom call to a more bespoke online experience?

Our webinar platform creates a sophisticated online conference environment and can be fully branded, while also incorporating an online exhibition area and background resource hub. It delivers interactive events with polls, surveys, delegate questions (including the ability to review first and then post to the relevant speaker) as well as evaluation forms and attendance certificates. In addition, we provide a ‘Green Room’ facility for our speakers where they can join together and confer while pre-recorded sessions are running, or we will run a fully live event or a combination of the two to allow for live panel discussion. Whichever format you choose, we will work closely with you and your speakers to build your event, planning timing, content, interactive options and event promotion. As part of our service we always run a technical rehearsal a few days prior to the actual event to ensure both you and your speakers are fully briefed on the functionality to ensure a smooth experience for all.

Our most recent webinar looked at potential links between vitamin D levels and COVID-19 symptoms and being an immensely topical subject, this attracted more than 400 delegates to the live event with a further 500+ viewing the recording.

We streamed recorded presentations from our four expert speakers, then hosted a live Q&A session allowing our panel to have a more detailed discussion on the key points.

Virtual meetings and webinars have always been an important part of our client offering, but never as much as now. As well as standalone webinars, we also have recently run a series of educational webinars (one per week for three weeks in order to cover all required topics while also keeping in mind the limits of online engagement). With nearly 700 registered delegates these have been incredibly popular and demonstrate the need for easily accessibly educational content in specialised fields.

Also, we have organised numerous virtual Advisory Boards which have proved much more speedy to pull together than face-to-face meetings (two or three hours in the evening is a much easier slot to find in most healthcare professional schedules than a whole day) and just as effective. In fact, our clients are intending to retain this format as part of their meetings mix even once face-to-face finally becomes less of a challenge.

As a result, we have wide experience to help you plan your event, if you would like more information on running your virtual meeting please get in touch.