National Curry Week

It’s National Curry Week and yes, it’s an actual thing! The first ever National Curry Week took place in October 1998 and was founded by the late Peter Grove. Peter, a renowned journalist, was an avid curry fan and had a drive to raise awareness and appreciation of the burgeoning Indian restaurant industry, whilst also raising funds for charity.

To this day National Curry Week honours Peter’s vision with its three key objectives:

• honour the nation’s favourite cuisine
• celebrate and support the Indian restaurant industry
• raise money for poverty-focussed charities


It was reported last year that curry overtook the traditional Sunday roast and spaghetti bolognaise as Britain’s favourite home cooked dish.1 

Why not celebrate National Curry Week from the comfort of your own home like Dipesh, our Senior Account Manager. Check out his menu below from yesterday’s curry night (all homemade of course!):

• Malai sea bass makhani
‒ mace, green cardamom, avocado and coriander chutney

• Tulsi chicken karahi
‒ sweet basil, pickled radish and yoghurt

• Dhaal

• Garlic and coriander naan

• Fried onion ghee pilau

How will you be celebrating National Curry Week? 

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