National Stress Awareness Month

It’s Stress Awareness Month this April


So many of us suffer from high levels of stress which damages our health, and it is often over-shadowed by physical health concerns and conditions. Over the past two years many of us have had to deal with the brutal realties for the COVID pandemic, so it’s even more important that we are looking after ourselves and one another. However, the community spirit and support shown by so many to so many is one of the positives to come out of the situation.


Stress is a significant factor in mental health problems like anxiety and depression, and is also linked to physical problems such as heart disease, insomnia, digestive issues, and problems with our immune system. Simply becoming more aware of stress and learning to apply the various coping mechanisms can certainly help an individual who is feeling overwhelmed by this emotion.


When you are placed in a stressful situation, specific stress hormones rush into your bloodstream which result in an increase in heart rate, blood pressure and glucose levels. This is necessary in emergency situations, but having this “rush” for extended periods of time can be dangerous and make you susceptible to the health issues mentioned above.


This April is an opportunity for us all to increase public awareness of the causes and coping mechanisms of stress. The Stress Management Society provides some great information on managing stress and what you can do for Stress Awareness Month as well as offering a range of resources:,for%20our%20modern%20stress%20epidemic.


This site has some helpful links for personal stress and stress at work, so don’t suffer – spread the word.