Understanding the expert landscape: KOL identification and mapping

Identifying key influencers and mapping your planned engagement with this group is a fundamental element of any pharmaceutical or healthcare strategy. It’s an important stage in immersing yourself in a therapeutic environment and gaining a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities.

We combine desk research with qualitative telephone and online interviews to ensure our clients successfully identify their target healthcare professionals across selected geographies. Thorough desk research is often the starting point, and our skilled team have wide experience in the global biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to inform their findings which are then cross-checked to ensure accuracy. We will seek out their areas of specialist interest and look at their publications, speaking engagements, conference activity, and links with professional organisations to establish a detailed profile. This is then validated via peer interviews or surveys to create a rich seam of knowledge and understanding that will help fuel your plans. With access to multilingual moderators we can offer coverage across the US, Europe, and Asia.

We have worked across most therapeutic areas from diabetes and oncology to some very rare conditions, so our researchers are quick to understand the environment where your interests lie and help you dig deeper and broaden your understanding.

Once we have identified the key opinion leader (KOL) pool we can work with you to rank and segment them, based on your requirements, and to map out activity across your 2021/22 programme and beyond.

One of our areas of special focus is ‘rising stars’ – those younger healthcare professionals who are set to be the influencers of the future, and who will be vital to the success of your future clinical trials and marketing programmes. We have extensive experience in identifying and working with this group, to develop the complementary skills they will need to become the experts in the coming decades.

For more information on how we could help you profile your KOLs, please contact us at: philip.adams@vivacityadvertising.com