Valentine’s Day… and a little bit more

So here we are again – can you believe it’s Valentine’s Day 2022 already..??!!

While we know that it’s Cupid and the people he hits with his arrows ultimately become lovers, there are some other things about Valentine’s Day that not all of us might know about.

For instance, did you know which celebrities were born on Valentine’s Day?

Danai Gurira – the Black Panther actress may be tough on screen, but her birthday falls on this day, while Simon Pegg was also a 14th February baby, along with Tati Westbrook, the YouTuber and makeup artist, and Michael Bloomberg who will be 79 on Valentine’s Day this year1.

And Valentine’s Day really is BIG – in fact it’s the second biggest “event” of the calendar year following Christmas. It has been estimated that the UK will spend around £880 million on Valentine’s Day, with around 25 million cards sent in the UK every year2.

And for the true romantics, 10% of all marriage proposals happen on the 14th February2. Aahh, that’s nice……although many other couples also get that loving feeling with condom sales rising 20% to 30% in February every year. 

But it’s not just our partners that feel the love, UK pet owners will spend £200 million on Valentine’s gifts for their animal2. Seriously..!!

And it’s the guys who really do say it with flowers, with 81% of men sending beautiful arrangements of flora, while women prefer to say it with words, as 71% of women send cards2.

And finally, what would Valentine’s Day be like without a bit of chocolate…..and it’s all thanks to Richard Cadbury..!! He made tiny chocolate pieces and put them in heart-shaped boxes, in which people could later keep their love letters and poems3.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.