We Love… Recreating Restaurant Favourites

As an avid home cook, I take great pleasure out of turning raw ingredients into a delicious, wholesome meal. I love planning elaborate showstoppers or making something quick and tasty out of whatever is in the fridge. By choice, and out of habit, I’ve taken on nearly all of the food prep in my household and, to be honest, I elbow everyone else out of the kitchen, or backseat-cook over their shoulders!

Through my lockdown journey I have rediscovered the pleasure of reading, and more specifically cookbooks, with this enthusiasm to recreate dishes from my favourite restaurants at home. This brings me nicely onto one my best purchases ever: the award-winning cookbook “Dishoom: From Bombay with Love” by Shamil Thakrar, Kavi Thakrar, and Naved Nasir. Dishoom pays homage to the numerous Irani cafés that were once a notable part of life in Bombay, offering a curated menu of ‘Bombay comfort food’, which brings together the cuisine of Bombay, from street food staples, to biryani, curries and more. Through the course of this eccentric and charming book I have found myself replete with recipes and stories to share with all.

Here’s some of my favourite must-try recipes accompanied with some #foodphotography to show you they look the part too!

  1. Butter Garlic Crab – a simple recipe but very indulgent, one for a special occasion.
  2. Gunpowder Potatoes – this is what I call the ‘fiesty dish’; I’d never had potatoes like this before I read this recipe!. The blend of flavours and spices, like all Dishoom’s dishes, is incredible. They’re so addictive, and actually pretty easy to make.
  3. Banana & Date Porridge – this is a hearty winter-warmer that does not call for sugar because natural caramelised sweetness is provided by the medjool dates.
  4. East India Gimlet – this gimlet will go with almost any recipe in the book. But be warned: there’s a hefty measure of gin contained within this very easy-drinking tipple.