World Obesity Day

It is World Obesity Day today – this year’s theme is ‘Everybody Needs to Act’

World Obesity Day is a unified day of action that calls for a cohesive, cross-sector response to the obesity crisis. It is convened by the World Obesity Federation in collaboration with its global members. Hundreds of individuals, organisations and alliances contribute to World Obesity Day every year, engaging hundreds of thousands of people across the world.

Obesity is a global problem, and it affects us all: 800 million of us are living with the disease, with millions more at risk. It is a life-altering disease that increases the likelihood of comorbidities and makes you twice as likely to be hospitalised if tested positive for COVID-19. Yet people living with obesity lack support and face stigma at work, home, and in the health system. 

What is the mission of World Obesity Day?

1. Increase awareness
Obesity is a disease. We are raising awareness and improving understanding of its root causes and the actions needed to address them.

2. Encourage advocacy
Changing the way obesity is addressed across society, we’re encouraging people to become advocates, standing up and calling for change.

3. Improve policies
Creating a healthy environment that prioritises obesity as a health issue, we’re working to change policy to build the right support systems for the future.

4. Share experiences
Stronger together, we’re creating platforms to share experiences, inspiring and uniting a global community to work towards our common goal.

Previous World Obesity Days have encouraged people to recognise the root causes of obesity, increase knowledge of the disease, tackle weight stigma and  give voice to the people with lived experience. This year, it is focusing on the simple message that ‘Everybody Needs to Act’ to improve the world’s understanding, prevention, and treatment of obesity, so that we can all work together to ensure happier, healthier, and longer lives for everybody.

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