Year of the Tiger – how are you celebrating Chinese New Year 2022?

February 1st 2022 marks the Chinese New Year and the zodiac sign this year is the Tiger, which seems about right! After being tested over the last couple of years by Covid restrictions, perhaps we should all embrace our inner Tiger and grab 2022 by the claws.

Chinese New Year commemorates the start of the traditional Chinese lunar calendar and millions of people across the globe are set to celebrate this festive occasion. 

Being a national holiday in China and many other Asian countries – including Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, North Korea and Taiwan – red will be the predominant symbolic colour during this time. Red is seen as a ‘lucky’ colour bringing prosperity, success and good luck. 

With scaled-back celebrations in London, many people will use this time to enjoy family and feast over fantastic authentic cuisine. 

What will you be doing this year to celebrate Chinese New Year?

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