About us

Our wide range of backgrounds, which encompass mainstream consumer advertising, medical genetics, and a love of getting muddy and grubby (that’s Rufus, our team hound!) give us a different perspective on client projects and brands. However, they also bind us together with one simple goal – to work closely with our clients to create dynamic, successful health and wellness brand campaigns

Tim Rowe, Studio Manager

With over 18 years’ experience working in and managing studios, Tim is a hands-on studio manager whose expertise covers everything from design, artworking, and video editing to taking briefs, print work, and scheduling to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the studio.

Tim takes great pride in producing original and impactful visuals to aid the communication of health and wellbeing information.

Claire Dobbs, Chief Executive

Claire has over 20 years healthcare and wellness experience earned on both client and agency side. She has wide-ranging therapy area experience combined with delivering
integrated, global campaigns with a proven financial return. She is passionate about the delivery of consistent high-level client service resulting in long-lasting partnerships.

Claire is responsible for making the magic happen by encouraging constant evolution in our thinking and offering.

Philip Adams, Managing Director

With over 25 years’ communications experience, Phil has championed the power of creativity throughout his career, building award-winning brands and campaigns across a broad range of pharmaceutical and health & wellness categories. He has led both global and local teams and is committed to building strong strategic and creative partnerships with all the agency’s clients.

Phil has led vivacity from its launch in 2016 and is driven by his desire to build an environment where teamwork, creativity and differentiation flourish, for the benefit of the agency team and its clients.

Dipesh Patel, Account Manager

Dipesh’s educational background spans a wide spectrum, from a BSc in Medical Genetics to an MSc in Financial Management. Prior to entering healthcare communications, Dipesh began his career within marketing and PR for a men’s lifestyle company. His ambitions to combine this experience with his passion for science and making a difference led him to start work as a research associate for phase 1 and 2 clinical trials. This quickly progressed to his first foray into medical education and on to vivacity.

Dipesh is an integral part of vivacity’s mission to continue to build award-winning campaigns across a broad range of pharmaceutical and consumer health and wellness categories, and is known for his commitment to building robust and strategic partnerships with all his clients.

Shani Reback, Junior Writer

Shani graduated with a BSc in Neuroscience. This included a year at a university in Japan where she carried out research on axon regeneration using in vivo techniques. She has also contributed to research in a cognitive neuroscience laboratory in Israel by running EEGs with eye-tracker technology. Since joining the vivacity team, Shani has combined her scientific knowledge with her creative approach to communications. She has written for both healthcare professionals and lay audiences in a range of therapy areas.

Shani is the go-to team member for turning complex scientific concepts and clinical data into engaging, easy-to-read materials that are scientifically robust.

Sedaka Charles, Creative Lead

Sedaka leads vivacity’s creative department and its digital disciplines including online rich-media campaigns, gained from his experience in both the consumer and health and wellness arenas. He actively seeks opportunities to push creative thinking and technology innovation to explore new ideas.

Sedaka gets the most out of working closely with clients to help them realise the creative potential for their brands, delivering effective and award-winning work, that captures the imagination.

Rufus – Team Hound

Meet Rufus. He’s our team hound.

Rufus is a 1 year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and helps us get to grips with all our work.

He’s great in creative brainstorm sessions and loves meeting, and participating in, all our client meetings – but don’t worry, we always check with our clients first if they want Rufus involved or not.

He also plays a key role in the agency environment by keeping us calm, unruffled and grounded!

Rufus is a big asset to us and is a huge part of our team – and we’d love to make him part of your agency team too – so if you want to get in touch with us, or simply meet Rufus, just drop him a line at rufus@vivacityadvertising.com